Friday, 8 August 2014

Our Little Spitfire!

As we have been home for a couple days now I wanted to take a post to introduce you a little more to our new addition. Z is a very different character then her big sister.
Once comfortable she loves to make people laugh and is a total comedian.  While D doesn’t love being the centre of attention Z lavishes in it.  She is incredibly smart and has picked up a number of tricks in the short weeks with us.  She can say “Mama, Dada, a version of D, up, ta da,” and her new favorite “all done”.  Today she walked up to me and said “Up Mom”.  D has taught her a couple songs with actions.  She now waves at EVERYONE she sees. Thanks to Gene’s waves in the front seat mirror to distract her while driving she picked that one up pretty quickly.  She is a terrific dancer.  If she hears the slightest tune she is busted a move in no time.   She loves to laugh and thinks everything is a game.  
She is also incredibly independent.  When Z is told not to do something she usually laughs at you and then does it again.  When told “no” she will often lash out at whoever is talking to her whether she hits or tries to bite.  She loves to pester her big sister and needs to copy everything that D does.  She does not sit still and wants to be running free whenever possible.  While in South Africa we had done our best to keep her fairly close to us but now that we have arrived home we will be doing some serious “cocooning”. In the adoption world it is the steps taken to create a healthy attachment to her new parents after we have upset all she has known for the last 15 months of her life. 

1.We will be spending a number of weeks just creating routines at home.  No unnecessary outings and lots of us time.  When we feel she is ready we will slowly integrate her into our outside society.

2. Adam and I(and only us)will meet all her primary needs: feeding, changing, bottle feeding, face cleaning, nose wiping etc.  All of life’s necessities need to be met through us and us alone.

3. If she is upset, injured or just angry one of us needs to be her immediate comforter.

4. We need to be her primary instructors/disciplinarians.  This is tough, as when you see a kid put sand or dirt in her mouth you want to tell her not too and pull the item out.  If one of us as parents hasn't noticed, tell us.  If we don't seem to react it honestly because we have just decided to let her eat sand. . .  

 Overall, Z has done incredibly well over the last couple weeks.  Considering she had spent her entire life in basically the same bed and essentially one room we have changed locations over the last 5 weeks over 8 times.  She has learned to ride in a car seat(though still hates it).  She has experienced her first airplane rides.  She has slept in make shift beds on the floor when a “camper cot” wasn't available.  She has popped 4 teeth. 

We are madly in love with this new addition and look forward to encouraging her to develop into the child God has destined her to be.  We ask for your continued prayers and patience as we all adjust to new routines and limitations at home.  


  1. Welcome home! Sounds like you had quite a trip! All the best as you "cocoon"! Let me know when you're done cocooning, because it would be great to get the girls together again! Praying for you guys and a smooth transition for all of you.

  2. Hi Adam, Esther, D and Z
    So happy to hear that you made it home safely and pray that God may bless you all as you transition into your "new" life a a family of four. So happy that God has blessed you with a new daughter and thankful that the trip to South Africa went smoothly. Look forward to meeting your new little one!!